Why Work Close?

Some companies, especially in the finance industry, think they can get the best results out of their employees by fostering competition. As many business owners know, though, such a cutthroat environment can sometimes stunt growth and innovation. Employees get nervous, stressed, and burned out quickly and can’t contribute to the long-term success of the company. When employees start to work together, work collaboratively, and work close, everyone wins—including the company.



We believe that a mentoring relationship among employees will encourage the kind of collaboration you need to move toward your business goals. When employees mentor each other, they get trained easily and efficiently, leaving management more time to deal with big-picture goals. When employees mentor each other, they learn how to work together on teams and collaborate on projects too big for just one person. And in today’s digital world, you need to collaborate to get ahead.

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Teambuilding retreats and exercises are often the butt of business jokes, and they can give human resources a bad rap. But when you pick the right teambuilding activities, you will quickly start seeing results in employees’ relationships and morale. No employees should be excluded from teambuilding activities, so you might need to think beyond the regular sports leagues to help everyone feel involved. Instead, try taking employees to events that they can talk about together later.


Company Culture

When your company begins to work close, the way you do business, and certainly the employees you hire, will change. Of course you’ll still want to hire people who are qualified for the position, but your definition of “qualified” will change. You’ll start looking for hires who will not only add their talent to your company but get along with your other employees. You’ll want people who are friendly and personable, not those who will do anything it takes to get ahead.